Oil & Gas Projects

We deliver inspection services at onshore/ offshore plant for Oil & Gas industry.

Drones with Infrared thermal camera enable replacement of current inspection service by human power.

Our service ensure inspection are conducted safely and reduce time and cost to the operator. These benefits are available to facilities onshore and offshore as our technology perform in all conditions.

Ensure Safety

Traditional way of conducting inspection is dangerous since person in charge should use wired rope and inspect the plant by trained eye. Drone can deliver same output for trained personnel to review without the associated risk.

At Low Cost

Inspection service with drone will reduce time and cost significantly. Terra drone experience demonstrates that traditional way can take several months. With Drones the same coverage can be achieved in several days.

Reduced Shutdown Period

Client should stop running plant while they are inspecting. With drone they do not have to shut down plant or at least minimise the interruption period.

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