Land Survey

We deliver civil engineering solutions using data
gathered from UAV.

Depending on project requirements we offer data products including three-dimensional models, sectional view and volumetric calculations. Compared with conventional surveying, the cost of our method can be one fifth, and the time of our method as low as one tenth. Our clients include international contractors. Terra Drone Corporation are applying a patent for our technology.




Cost reduction &Time saving

Using our proprietary technology, we can deliver lower cost, time-saving surveying service than conventional surveying methods.

Industry achievements

We have delivered over 200 survey projects from major general contractors and construction equipment rental companies. Our clients become partners keen to use our unique surveying technology. We are gaining the reputation of No.1 supplier in Mozambique.

Data analysis・Consultation

Related with Civil engineering surveying, we analyse each dataset and extract project data in a defined format. We offer the best complete solution for your operation.

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