About us

Aerial Mapping was founded in 2013 to meet the growing trend of remote sensing in various areas such as industries, mining, surveying, construction, urban planning, agriculture and others.

Its founder, Jenaro Lopez, has extensive experience in surveying for more than 25 years, having carried out various types of projects on 3 continents.

Since its foundation and over the years, Aerial Mapping has been heavily involved in unmanned aerial platforms: DRONE / UAV. So we gather image and video data that can be processed into useful information such as orthophotos, digital surface 3D models, cloud points, contour lines, heat maps, NDVI maps and many other types of work.

Aerial Mapping uses powerful software that enables the rapid manipulation of large data sets in a virtual 3D environment. With the information acquired on the ground, it allows not only the inspectors to extract various data regarding the project but also planners, managers and other employees can see the whole area clearly and distinctly.

Presenting a realistic 3D model of your project will bring added value and security when presented in a meeting room.

Our mission

Our mission is to conquer part of the market share currently dominated by manned aircraft, offering services accessible to all.

We propose the realization of remote sensing with the use of drones to companies and individuals that in the past avoided this type of service due to the high costs.

We have a large list of customers from other companies that belong to our group, many of whom have already entrusted their projects to Aerial Mapping.

We seek to meet the needs of the market by offering differentiated quality jobs in a constant process of innovation, acting with ethics and responsibility in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to develop and implement unmanned aerial systems technology on the African and European continent by providing remote sensing operations accessible to the market.

We will provide efficient and quality solutions for various types of air services.