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  • Oil & Gas Projects
    We deliver inspection services at onshore/ offshore plant for Oil & Gas industry. Drones with Infrared thermal camera enable replacement of current inspection service by human power. Our service ensure...
  • Agriculture
    What is Precision Agriculture? Precision agriculture is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to inter- and intra-field variability in crops. The goal of precision agriculture is to...
  • Infrastructure & Construction
    Applications: Lines of high and medium voltage Oil Pipelines Gas Pipelines Roads Railways Civil works Energy Efficiency Telecommunications Lineal infraestructure topographic studies Wealth Management and stock inventory   The service...
  • Archeology
    Fast, non-invasive, high-resolution solutions. If you are looking to document a cultural heritage or archaeological site, then the most effective viewpoint is most often from the air. Traditionally, conducting aerial...
  • Land Survey
    We deliver civil engineering solutions using data gathered from UAV. Depending on project requirements we offer data products including three-dimensional models, sectional view and volumetric calculations. Compared with conventional surveying,...
  • Mines & Quarry
    Aerial Mapping established cost saving survey technology for the mining industry. We provide accurate deliverables using long endurance flight UAV. Our UAV collect the accurate data from entire open pit...


Our projects

    Aerial Video
    • Inhaca Island Mozambique
    • Heineken Factory Mozambique
    • Guadiana Aerial Video Spain
    • Riverside Mall South Africa
    • St Peters School South Africa
    • Durban Marina South Africa
    • Angoche Crop Checkup Mozambique
    • Olive Plantation Water Supply Spain
    • Citrus Crops Growth Analysis South Africa
    • Inhaca Island Mozambique
    Construction Monitoring
    • Cement Factory Structure Analysis
    • Coal Mine Excavation M3 Measurement

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